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Richard Tomlinson (ex-MI6 Officer)

Richard Tomlinson (ex-MI6 Officer)

Born: 1958, New Zealand.

After university, Tomlinson attended INSET British Intelligence course1979: at Powergen, Solihull; Fort Monckton and MI5/ex-SOE buildings.

It was run by Stella Rimington (MI5 middle-management), Eliza Manningham-Buller (Russian, Politics and History teacher) and John Scarlett (who was the overall MI6 controller of the modules).

British Intelligence Graduate Trainee
The most pertinent training which was tailored to Tomlinson included:

1. The ‘MI6 Beast’ programming.
2. ‘Smelly Cheeses’ programming.

The first one refers to the ‘beast computer’ of the Illuminati program – the one which is placed into every recruit’s mind control programming during recruitment training at both MI5 and MI6. However, the MI6 ‘Beast’ mainframe mind control computer so to speak, controls not only their own people but also those of MI5.
(This was why Rimington stole the MI6 codebook in 1989 – see www.stellarimington.blogspot.com).

‘Smelly Cheeses’ is programmed in via the reading and enactment of ‘Three Men in a Boat’. Every Illuminati script carries words in CAPITALS which make no sense to an outsider unless they are given the ‘true meaning’ behind their usage.

Read Chapter 4 of ‘Three Men in a Boat’ on the Gutenberg website to find out the precise programming which is couched in CAPITALS of: ‘NO CHEESES’.

Chapter 4 relates how it is most important whilst traveling and carrying ‘smelly cheeses’, not to touch the goods; nor afterwards, once one has arrived at one’s destination! All smugglers are most worried about the safety of their drugs/contraband and therefore this ruling was the one which was drummed in with the most amount of ECT programming.

Tomlinson and the other graduate trainee programmers were given huge electric shocks after ‘training’ i.e. the enactment of this little drama, and would then be instructed to sit on chairs facing a large window. This was ‘relaxation’ to de-stress the brain. The young men would sit there and grind their teeth (normal response to ECT) whilst gazing blankly at the sky. ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by ELO was sometimes played at this point, to ‘rejuvenate’ their spirits.

The main point behind MI6 'Smelly Cheeses' programming was that prospective recruits to British Intelligence were sent on 'gap years' around the world on various 'missions' i.e. to courier contraband on British-dominated smuggling rings, which had their origins in the British Empire's 'snake-lines'.

SAS/KK rites
Continuing on: Tomlinson left the INSET course early (romantic disappointment) to join the SAS and then the SBS. The equivalent of joining the ‘foreign legion’. He had been also programmed with ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as a spin-off program but that is another story.

At this point in time, the elite of the SAS were running the OTO KK cult and Tomlinson became an honorary member. This KK cult has obvious comparisons to the American KKK cult of the 1950s but with one significant difference. The British contingent saw themselves as Celtic ‘druids’. In addition, they used the land surrounding Fort Monckton for their rites.

The rite consisted of rounding up a team of four new recruits from Fort Monckton and herding them into the back of a jeep, naked and blindfolded. They were driven to an unmarked spot in the countryside where the druids would be waiting around their bonfire, in white robes – their faces covered with pointed, triangular hoods. They were then taken like cattle, one by one, out of the truck and forced across the ground, blindfolded to where the druids were waiting.

Each recruit was then forced to kneel before the ‘priest’ who then rolled them in the mud. The ‘priest’ then took a burning log from the fire and branded them. The pain was so severe that many recruits were barely aware that what appeared to be a baby (accounts differ on this one – toy or for real) was then thrown onto the bonfire by the ‘priest’ in front of them. Accounts differ but most can testify to hearing a young child screaming. Whether or not this was a tape-recorder, playing behind one of the druids – is unclear. According to an untrustworthy source, this cult has now been disbanded.

Royal Arch Freemasonry Training
Before he left INSET training, Tomlinson also attended the Royal Arch Freemasonry course in Israel (see www.beautyandthebeastpower.blogspot.com and other related blogsites for details).
It was in Israel , that Tomlinson was forced to have his first taste of cannibalism, courtesy of the cult of St John , in the St John Church in Ein Kerem. Each recruit was told to eat a piece of what appeared to be a small ‘pig’ which had been roasted, on the altar. Tomlinson ate quite a bit of the above-mentioned. He was violently sick after the controllers informed him as to what he had actually eaten. A female graduate had to clean up his vomit later.

Cannibalism and the ‘Hellfire Club’
Cannibalism is still continued in British Intelligence circles via ‘The Hellfire’ Club – unfortunately not a fictitious society but based on pure fact. Tomlinson is still part of this cult which holds black masses to celebrate its rites. The most recent one to date which the authors know about – was held at a chateau near Cagnes Sur Mer, in 2002. Stella Rimington had organised it. Tomlinson was an active participant in the rape, murder and cannibalization of a tiny girl at this satanic orgy. All participants had been, at some point, victims of MI6 mind control programming.

‘MI6 Beast programming’
To complete Tomlinson’s grooming as an MI6 ‘Beast’ programmer, he was also instructed to role-play the Minatour of the Labyrinth. The ‘beast’ protects the British Crown jewels in MI6 mind control programming. Each recruit was forced to go down the tunnels underneath Jerusalem in order to find the ‘jewels’. Tomlinson stood in front of a cave where they were located and severely beat up anyone who dared to approach.
This is one of the most important aspects of MI6 mind control programming: you are not allowed to become ‘conscious’ of what is deeply embedded in your psyche i.e. the ‘crown jewels’. If you approach the subject, even in thought – the ‘beast’ appears and your mind goes blank. You literally reach a full-stop in either speech or train of thought.

Via Dolorosa
One of the tasks set the graduate trainees and mind control programmers who were running the Royal Arch Freemasonry course, was a ‘treasure hunt’. The treasure hunt was to test their ‘spycraft’ skills and general sadism. Part of this ‘course’ was based on an old Roman game which the soldiers had played with their prisoners. The rite of Saturn. In short, it was a sado-masochistic game, whereby the recruits were tortured and abused in a similar fashion to the Roman prisoners. This was called the ‘Via Dolorosa’.

The Origins of British Intelligence
The other part of the task, was to find out the history of British Intelligence, where it had originated and what different groupings constituted its organization, internationally.
The main clue was to be found on an antique British typewriter ’55 Imperial 55’ at the Jerusalem prison museum which used to be run by a certain Major Charlton during the end of WWII. The code on the typewriter keys, runs as follows:

1. $SV
2. XDM
3. KGB
4. RKK
5. AAN
6. TYM
8. NLT
0. PF!

The 10 sequences above, describe British Military Intelligence from its inception (MI1) to the current, public form of MI5 and MI6. Can you guess the other ones? The authors can give you several clues: 7. = ‘zygote’ 9. = sex kittens. These departments are all still in existence, today.

‘The Golden Chain’
This is primarily a biography of Mr Tomlinson and not British Intelligence, therefore we would like to end on this point to bring the reader up to date:

A female agent reported back from Budapest in 1993, that Richard Tomlinson had turned up there from Bosnia , in an excited and frightened state.

What was the reason?

One of his male agents had been murdered. Not only that, but Tomlinson had also found a pouch of diamonds in the agent’s clothing. He had exclaimed (ad verbatim) to the female agent that he subsequently contacted: ‘you could live on the money for the rest of your life!’

The agent asked Tomlinson why he had not removed the pouch. The answer was obvious: ‘don’t touch the SMELLY CHEESES’. Tomlinson’s MI6 graduate trainee programming had kicked in. He was unable to touch the goods. (Most important when an agent/officer is given drugs to smuggle.)

At this point, Tomlinson’s chain of command was the same as it had been in his early ‘training’ days on INSET, when he had attended the ‘Russian course’. John Scarlett had been the overall controller of this course.
In 1993, John Scarlett was the MI6 station boss in Moscow and had been overseeing Tomlinson’s exploits in eastern Europe.

Who were the diamonds for? Tomlinson had wanted to know. He suspected that someone in British Intelligence was supposed to be on the receiving end but dared not report the find back to HQ. He was too frightened of the consequences.

Needlessly, as it turned out. He was sacked from MI6 anyway, in 1995.

Is there a connection between the two? Mr Tomlinson certainly appears to think so.
Read his current blogsite 2006 (the last one got closed down by SIS/MI6):

A significant section of Tomlinson’s history has been left out within this biography. It relates to the KGB and FSB. This will be fully explained in:

Part II: Richard Tomlinson and the Russians
To be cont’d.